Lake Forest Library Foundation

Help ensure that future generations will explore and enjoy our beloved Lake Forest Library.


A vital resource since 1931, residents have referred to the Lake Forest Library as “the community’s living room.”

Our Mission

For over ninety years, the Lake Forest Library has served Lake Forest residents. It is a beloved informational and cultural resource and an iconic treasure of the community. It is the only free, multi-generational space where the exchange of ideas and learning happens, and plays a critical role in developing and supporting our vibrant family community. The mission of Lake Forest Library establishes us as the cornerstone of literacy in our community where everyone is respected and free to pursue a lifelong love for reading and learning.

The Foundation’s mission is twofold: to support the Lake Forest Library through the creation and maintenance of an Endowment and to raise funds for special capital projects when approved by the Library Board. While the Library Board of Trustees sets strategy for the Library and is the steward of public funds, the Foundation plays a role in providing funding above and beyond those needs. With your help, the Foundation can create an endowment to help support the Library for generations to come.

How we're different from The Friends of the Library

Often the Foundation and Friends of the Library are referred to interchangeably. While we work closely, we are two separate non-profit organizations who support the Library in different ways.

The Foundation acts as the “fundraising arm” of the Library. If you want to support the Library with a donation to build the collection or provide Library programs, you may give through the Foundation. We work with the Library to identify the best way donor gifts can enhance the Library and meet the ever-changing needs of the community.

The Friends is a membership organization dedicated to promoting our Library through grassroots advocacy efforts. They also raise money for the Library through the proceeds of their book sales.

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